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The St Albans Town Centre is a local, affordable service centre with a night time economy based around international restaurants. In particular, St Albans offers plenty of Vietnamese Restaurants where you can enjoy the delicacies and exotic flavours of the east. Most of the Vietnamese Restaurants are situated on Alfrieda Street.

Retailers have a massive opportunity in St Albans where many people from different parts of the world have come to settle. This gives retailers the chance to focus on a niche markets and specialise to cater for the needs of one or a few groups of people.

As part of the diverse range of people and cultures living together in St Albans, Main Road West is home to shops selling goods catering the tastes and preferences of people from Balkan and European traditions. The East Esplanade also ffers a mix of fresh food and specialty cultural stores.

The St Albans Town Centre is anchored by two supermarkets and a fresh food market. As a result, St Albans has an extensive range of convenience shopping facilities including culturally-specific grocery stores, fresh food outlets.